When Salarpuria Builders needed an office and a mock up to be built at the earliest, R L engineering provided a customised solution with their technology. We built an office and a mock up for the client using materials which can be dismantled and used for their future projects.


Speedy Construction

Buildings built in a span of weeks. A fully fledged three floor building will take us about 6 weeks to complete.

Bug Free

Built with superior materials. The lack of wetness in the building materials used gives you a bug free lifestyle.

Better Insulation

Engineered from the ground up to be better in every way.
Better Thermal, Acoustic, Fire, and Impact Insulation.

Disaster Proof

Looks the same, Feels the same.
Withstands calamities of upto 9 on the Richter Scale.

Less Manpower

Say goodbye to Labour headache, Heavy Machinery, and Space Consuming Materials



We are an incubatee company of Composites Technology Park.

Our Research & Technology partner Society for Composites Technology Park is headed by Dr. Gopalan. (Won the NAL Foundation Day Awards four times, a recipient of ‘Lockheed Martin Gold Outstanding Innovation Award’ in 2007. He received Innovation Technology Award from ‘ICERP – JEC – Reinforced Plastics’ in the year 2011. ‘ICI- KBC Birla Super Endowment Award for outstanding Concrete Structure of Karnataka – 2013’, from Indian Concrete Institute)

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Saves The Planet too

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    Steel is 100% recyclable

    (in its purest sense) and has a virtually infinite life span; it’s the most recycled product on the planet.

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    Steel is 100% non-combustible,

    It will not burn or ‘char’ and will not contribute to a fire, or the spread of fire. In a bushfire, ember attack to a steel house frame and roof space will not ignite the frame.

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    Light Gauge Steel is an engineered product, not an organic one.

    Being engineered means movement over time is eliminated, as a steel frame will not settle like other products.


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